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Only the Best Weight Loss Program Reviews

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Best Weight Loss Programs of 2013

My Best Weight Loss Programs

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Program?

Do you what to know the secret to how to find the best weight loss programs available? I know it can be confusing and difficult to choose a weight loss plan with all the crazy marketing hype around weight loss products. This is probably the hardest part about losing weight is just finding out which one works and which doesn't. It takes tons of time researching: watching catchy and confusing videos or reading endless articles mostly written by people just trying to sell the products.  Well we are going to end that pain for you forever with this clear and honest video revealing the secrets to how PROFESSIONALS evaluate weight loss programs. So sit back and enjoy and we hope this helps ease your mind. I'll make my husband do the talking cause I don't like to talk on camera. :)

What is the best weight loss program?

Best Weight Loss ProgramsThe best weight loss program is the one that achieves what you want. There are a lot of differences in programs and what's best for someone else may not be what's best for you. You should start your search by starting with figuring out what's most important to you. Do you want a fast weight loss program? Do you want a healthy weight loss program? Do you want to lose weight without exercise? Do you want a cheap weight loss program? After you figure out what category of your weight loss program just follow the tips we put in the video "How to Choose your Weight Loss Program" and pick what fit you best. It's as simple as that.

My list of the best weight loss programs.

Best Weight Loss Programs Certified Weight loss SpecialistAs a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and Personal Trainer I believe the "Best Weight Loss Programs" are the ones that are the Most Effective, Easiest to Follow, Gives the Fastest Results, and Increases your Overall HealthThis my list from the programs myself and my husband have review personally and we recommend to our clients who want a more cost effective way to lose weight than personal training. We wish you the best with your weight loss. Fabi and Jason

#1 - Fat Loss Factor


Fat Loss Factor is our number one pick for the best weight loss program of 2013. It's creator Dr. Charles Livingston did an excellent job making a program that really transforms your health and body. The focus of the program is detoxifying your body first and then proper nutrition and exercise. All the pieces to a highly effective program. I highly recommend this program and you will be surprised how much value is there for such a little cost.

#2 - Customized Fat Loss


A close second place is Kyle Leon's Weight Loss Program Customized Fat Loss is really simple and really effective. The program is created by a Fitness model and Nutritional Expert who really knows how to manipulate the body to working for you and not against you. Overall awesome program and awesome value.

#3 - The Healthy Way Diet


Slipping in to the number 3 spot The Healthy Way Diet is not really a diet but more of a program. This extremely healthy diet is just loaded with great information about boosting your metabolism, avoiding dieting mistakes, reducing weight, and all kinds of nutrition and food advice. His program does include a exercise plan to round off the overall value. Excellent program if you are looking for a healthy weight loss choice.

#4 - The Gabriel Method


The Gabriel Method is a really unique weight loss program as it offers a "non-diet" approach to losing weight. This program is packed full of amazing information for the person who hates the idea of a diet and has been struggling to lose weight. It combines knowledge on how the body can naturally lose fat with powerful mind altering practices to create a mindset that helps bring the results you want. This program is highly published and promoted by celebrity and news all over the world. Talk about credibility...

#5 - Paleo Burn


Paleo Burn is just another really good example of a good weight loss program. The focus of this program is teaching you how to change your fat burning hormones from storing fat to burning fat. Obviously as the name suggest it based on a Paleo diet. Unlike a lot of weight loss programs Paleo Burn actually sends also you a physically copy of the book as well as a dvd. The value of this program is pretty good with the additional cookbook, audio, and physically products. They also provide some really good information in their website video.

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My list of the best weight loss diets.

Weight loss diets are not the same as a weight loss program. You can read more below the reviews.

Weight loss Diet, Weight Loss Program, Weight Loss Plan: What's the Difference?

If your wondering what's the difference between a program, plan, or diet. That's totally understandable cause most people seem to use them all interchangeably. Here's what you need to know.

Weight Loss Program = Most Complete

Weight loss programs normally contain both a Diet or Meal Plan and a Exercise Plan. This means that programs are designed to focus on both sides of the weight loss equation. They give you guidance on what to eat and guidance on what exercises to do. Programs also normally educate you during the process. Teaching you the why behind what they tell you to do. This is excellent because they make you more self-dependent and able to sustain long term results through re-education. As far as value goes a Weight Loss Program is hands down the best value for your money. They can give you everything you need to lose weight and increase your health. They are also the cheapest solutions which makes them a great choice for anyone on a budget. The drawback is normally they require more responsibility from you and more reading.  Both it's well worth it in the long run.

Weight Loss Diet = Mostly Eating

Weight Loss ProgramsA weight loss diet mostly focuses on the eating side of weight loss. There are a lot of different types of diets out there and this is where the most confusion happens for most people. Why? Because not all diets are the same, not all diets work, and not all diets are healthy. In fact, honestly most diets are not healthy at all. You can still lose weight with some of the unhealthy ones but at the risk of causing possible permanent damage to your body and even potential long term problems with your fat storage. Meaning they can actually cause you to store more fat. However, if you choose correctly then a weight loss diet or what I prefer to call a "Healthy Eating Plan" will improve your health and cause you to lose weight even without doing any exercises. Most of the time weight loss diets place smaller importance on exercising or non at all. Some are easy to follow and some are just insanely complicated. There are even some that do everything for you and just deliver to your door your exact meals saving time but not money.

Weight Loss Plan = Same as program or exercises

A weight loss plan is normally the same as a weight loss program. Unless someone is specifically talking about exercising or they are just being general. Normally you hear Personal Trainers say they offer a weight loss plan. However, they obviously focus on exercising and not much on your nutrition. This is also the case with some doctors. Since about 70% of your weight loss results come from your nutrition (aka what you put in your mouth) its important to have both "Weight Loss Exercises" and a "Healthy Eating Plan" if you want the fastest and most sustainable results.