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7 Day Clean Eating Plan For Weight Loss

It is hard to define “clean eating”. For the fact that clean eating is not a diet, it is a life style and clean eating has been around for a long time therefore it is not a new concept.

The 7 Day Clean Eating Plan for Weight Loss is about eliminating all the processed foods and extra additives in your diet. This means you are choosing a clean eating life style. Here are the main benefits of changing your life style to a clean eating:

  • Increase energy
  • Weight loss
  • Cleaner skin
  • Fat loss
  • Better  Sleep
  • Better mental well-being

The idea is to stay away from anything that has been altered and consume things that come straight from the nature. Basically you are choosing plant based whole foods instead of processed foods. Eating fruit and vegetables is one of the basics of the clean eating;

the 7 day clean eating plan for weight loss does include meat but the meat that you prepare yourself at home not the processed ones you find on the supermarket. Eat whole grains – those grains are in its complete form and haven’t been broken down yet. Some examples are: whole wheat, brown rice, and whole grains.

When you go out to the shops change your attitude and mindset and start reading the labels. Sometimes just because the label says “whole grain” doesn’t mean it is. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t added any extra ingredient as well.

Eat food with fewer ingredients – try to buy things that have 4-6 ingredients in the labels list. Make sure you can recognize every ingredient and if you cannot pronounce it don’t eat it and bring that toxin to your body.

 7 Day Clean Eating Plan For Weight Loss7 Day Clean Eating Plan for Weight Loss Simple Guidelines for Success:

  • Eat more often during the day 5-6 meals to prevent hunger and level your blood sugar
  • Include healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lean protein in your meal
  • Don’t eat or try your bet to avoid (sugar, baked goods, candies, white flour, white rice, etc.) and all processed foods
  • Don’t eat trans-fat or saturated fat
  • Don’t drink sodas, high calories juices and all the drinks that give your body unnecessary nutritional value calories
  • Drink lots of water at least 8 cups per day As I mentioned the clean eating style is not a new concept has been around for a long time and it is not easy to shit to a new lifestyle from one day to the other if you haven’t been eaten this way before. It takes practice to make the 100% shift to a clean eating lifestyle.

You will notice that when you start eating whole foods, unfrozen and in its natural state have a different test. Your taste buds will go through a period of adjustment.The clean eating lifestyle it is less expensive and more nutritious than the normal diet but does require more time in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals.

Take your time to adjust to a new lifestyle and I can promise you that you will have long term benefits – enjoying a new body after lots of fat loss, weight loss and having lots of energy.

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