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Category: Diets

Best Of Paleo Cookbook

Paleo Recipe Book - Brand New Paleo Cookbook

My Top Paleo Cookbooks I have put together the best of Paleo Cookbook together in this page. I am bringing the best of the cookbooks that in my opinion are easy and have the best features and bonuses in the market.   #1 – Paleo… Continue reading

Want A Easy Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast for Women?

A easy diet plan to lose weight fast for women does such a thing even exist. I hear girls all the time asking that question. It seems all girls no matter who you are is looking for something fast and easy. And the companies out… Continue reading

The Paleo Burn Diet Review

The Paleo Burn Diet Overview   Who is Paleo Burn For?   How does Paleo Burn work?   What Included in the Paleo Burn Program?   How Much Does Paleo Burn Cost?   The Good and The Bad Good   BAD  The Verdict    … Continue reading

The Healthy Way Diet Review

The-Healthy-Way-Diet-Review - My Best Weight Loss Programs

The Healthy Way Diet Review  As the name suggests The Healthy Way diet is a weight loss program that is focused on providing fat loss by means of eating healthy. The creators of the program combine their knowledge on nutrition and weight loss to provide… Continue reading

Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic Diet Looking for a distinct diet that could back you up as you work on your excess fats? Then, perhaps Macrobiotic Diet is for you. Originally, the Macrobiotic Diet is not a usual diet plan. Its approach is more on one’s lifestyle and not… Continue reading

LA Weight Loss Diet

LA Weight Loss Diet Love the sexy body of Hollywood stars or otherwise the inviting commercials of fast and easy weight loss programs? Then, more o less, the LA Weight Loss diet is for you. Well, the LA Weight Loss diet is perfect for dieters… Continue reading

Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet One of the oldest diet programs is the Jenny Craig. It was developed in 1983 particularly in Australia and just further evolved in the United States in 1985. Ever since, it has been one of the programs that is distinct in terms… Continue reading

Glycemic Index Diet

Glycemic Index Diet The glycemic index diet or also popularly acknowledged as the GI diet and low glycemic diet is actually just one of the many intriguing diet programs at present. It’s a diet program that refers to a system of ranking carbohydrate foods basing… Continue reading

Eat This, Not That Diet

Eat This, Not That Diet Looking for a diet program that is not a program in the traditional sense? If yes, then Eat This, Not That is for you! At present, Eat This, Not That is considered one of the few distinct, incomparable diet programs.… Continue reading

Eat Right For Your Type Diet

Eat Right For Your Type Diet Eat Right For Your Type is a unique and very intriguing diet guide. Ever since it was developed by Peter J. D’Adamo, ND, lots of criticisms and issues were already associated and linked to it. In a way, this… Continue reading