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Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

The Ultimate Weight Solution is a diet plan and guide by Phil McGraw, PhD, a distinct guru and psychologist.

Dr. Phil McGraw, being a very persevering health and mental expert, spent eight years of his life counseling individuals who were up to 300 pounds or in short who were overweight. Concurrently, he has developed some strategies for weight loss which benefited so many people with weight loss problems.

The strategies which were developed by Dr. Phil focus mainly on the “personal truth” about yourself as well as your weight. According to Dr. Phil, to successfully lose weight, it is vital that you know how to effectively eliminate toxic messages and replace them with positive thoughts or ideas.

At the same time, it is significant that you learn and understand well when and how to change your inside out as well as how to properly deal with your emotional and impulse eating (if there is), in the long run, this can help you attain and permanently maintain the weight you desire.

Aside from having positive thoughts, changing your inside out, and properly countering your emotional and impulse eating, it is also vital that you exercise regularly and maintain openness in terms of your emotions, thoughts, etc. through having a personal journal.

Limitations and Restrictions

In terms of foods you are allowed to eat, well, Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution is somehow in between about it, not so restrictive but also not so emancipative.

According to Dr. Phil, there are foods that belong to high-response cost, high-yield foods that you can eat most of the time. High-response cost, high-yield foods are actually not so convenient foods that need lots of work and effort to prepare and can’t actually be eaten speedily. Typically, they contain high amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber; but are not intertwined with fat, sugar, or additives.

Generally, high-yield foods are those colorful fruits and vegetables, yellow, green purple, red, orange; whole grains; eggs, fish, lean meats, legumes, tofu, or the like. Even soup is also a high-yield food, because of its heavy effect on stomach and time consuming potential.

In terms of the not allowed foods, too much starchy vegetables, very oily foods, and alcoholic beverages are totally in restriction. Likely, for snacks, choose fruits or vegetables or low-fat milk products. And instead of alcoholic beverages, it is far better to just have diet soda or club soda or likewise drink plenty of water. Remember, drinking three beers at Happy Hour even just once in a week will already add about 438 extra calories to your diet, roughly, with a 6.5 pound weight gain in just one year.

The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Program

One thing unique about Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution is its seven keys to weight loss program. Basically, the seven keys focus more on the mental thinking and behaviors.

Based on the seven keys, it is vital that you:

  • Develop right thinking. Overcome self-defeating thought patterns and believe in yourself. Similarly be optimistic at all times.
  • Heal feelings. Get rid of emotional eating and never let any kind of stress, anxiety, or depression overcome you. Eliminate as well unwanted eating behaviors and finally, look life on a wider point of view.
  • Recognize a no-fail environment. Set your environment into being a healthy one with no glut foods at all.
  • Master food and impulse eating. Trace the reasons why you tend to overeat. Was it because of your job? Or an illness or personal tragedy? Consequently, deal with them properly and master the ways to overcome them.
  • Eat high-response cost, high-yield foods. This will eventually help you minimize your cravings and at the same time over eating.
  • Do intentional exercise. Exercising regularly and intentionally is a great help. According to Dr. Phil, “it unlocks the door to body control”.
  • Seek and maintain circle of support. Being into a weight loss program is a great challenge. More or less, to become successful, you will be needing the help, comfort, and support of people close to you.

According to Dr. Phil, if in case these seven keys, won’t work, you can try to seek medical help, more or less, you are into a more serious condition or illness.

Insights of an Expert

A spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and co-author of the book “Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy”, Cynthia Sass, MPH, MA, RD, likes the principle and approach Dr. Phil has set in his Ultimate Weight Solution.

For Sass, “he’s on the right track — looking at the whole person, why they’re eating, how they feel about what they’re eating. In my own consulting work, I find that you can’t focus on food alone. Lack of social support, emotional eating — those are the things that cause failure in weight loss. I often refer my clients to a psychologist to deal with those issues.”

In addition, according to Sass, Dr. Phil’s advice is very balanced and really great. She find it nice that Dr. Phil acknowledges that weight loss is not an overnight stuff, but rather a life change.

Why Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution

Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution is a great, distinct diet guide. The nicest thing about this guide is that it’s not only focused on one side – on losing weight. Rather, it tackles everything that seems important from uncovering your thoughts, attitudes, and emotional issues up to the virtues you need to hold while under the program.

However, Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Solution is not suitable for people who want to lose weight in no time. Thus, if in case you yourself want to lose weight instantly, well then, Dr. Phil’s program is not for you.


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