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Eat This, Not That Diet

Eat This, Not That Diet

Looking for a diet program that is not a program in the traditional sense? If yes, then Eat This, Not That is for you!

At present, Eat This, Not That is considered one of the few distinct, incomparable diet programs. Basically, it has no secret formula or any mystifying scientific-sounding plan capable of melting pounds of fats. It’s only premise is that it was actually written and produced without reserve by both health concerns David Zinczenko, Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief, and Matt Goulding, Men’s Health food and nutrition editor.

In general, Eat This, Not That can be considered as a superb program. It has made a difference amongst others because of its effort to seriously lay down calorie contents of various foods particularly those from fast-foods. Also, it has provided part picture book of mouth-watering food images and nutritional guide to eventually help you make smarter, wiser food choices.

Notably, the authors of Eat This, Not That have effectively unwrapped the unthinkable amount of calories in certain foods like Chili’s Awesome Blossom at 2,710 calories, Lonestar’s 20-ounce T-bone at 1,540-calorie steak, and Outback’s Aussie cheese fries at 2,900 calories.

Some fast-food restaurants were also rated in terms of nutritious quality, Pizza Hut obtains a D minus due to its pan pizza having 650 calories per slice and Chick-fil-A gets A plus because of the foods they serve not more than 500 calories.

Aside from exposing those high-calorie fast-food foods, and rating restaurants, Eat This, Not That has also made efforts to provide information about several restaurants for not providing valuable nutrition information to consumers.

However, just like many diet plans, Eat This, Not That has also some flaws. Unfortunately, it has some unscientific and misleading claims, particularly about targeting belly fat, reshaping your body and the like, by which are all false assumptions.

Recommendations, Limitations and Restrictions

In some places, particularly in America, there is what you call eight super foods which are likely recommended to be added in your daily diet. Generally, the eight super foods include: Blueberries, Black beans, Spinach, Yogurt, Tomatoes, Carrots, Oats, and Walnuts.

Well, if there are foods recommended just like the eight super foods, there are also some which are not advisable at all. Like for an instance, the Zesty Chicken Border Bowl and various foods that are rich in sauces with salsa and cheese.

In fact, according to the authors, it would be better to eat two grilled steak soft tacos fresco style (320 calories) instead of Zesty Chicken Border Bowl that has more calories.

Eat This, Not That Diet Works

Many people have faith on the magic of Eat This, Not That diet guide. Somehow, this is not that surprising as the guide has set so many principles and disciplines that are unique and justifiable. It has effectively exposed the importance of cutting empty calories and choosing more nutritious foods.

Similarly, it has properly presented the need to be choosy when going to fast-foods and grocery stores; because these are the places where foods high in calorie are mostly found. In terms or workouts, Eat This, Not That is not like many other diet guides that include so many workouts, however, the guide was able to make sound tips and recommendations on what to eat when you actually want to make most out of your workouts.

In general, Eat This, Not That is an effective guide all because of its emphasis on opting for low-calorie selections together with a little patience of doing some workouts.

Insights of Some Experts

Because of good disciplines and theories, Eat This, Not That Diet has captured the interest and trust of so many health and fitness experts, like for an instance, Neily. However, you can’t please everybody, just like for example Zied who in one way or another don’t believe on the effectiveness of Eat This, Not That.

Well, Neily is a president of the Texas Dietetic Association who greatly believes on Eat This, Not That because of the revelation about many popular foods with so much calories. According to her, “most people have no idea how many calories are in their favorite foods, and this book does a wonderful job enlightening them to the reality of what is in the foods they eat”.

Similarly, she was amazed about the nutritional truths revealed, and fairly believed with replacement foods like hamburger instead of chicken sandwich loaded with sauce, topped with bacon and cheese.

Zied on the other hand, is an American Dietetic Association spokeswoman, who believed that the author is not worth any trust because he is not a credentialed professional. In fact, according to her, “don’t rely entirely on the authors’ recommendations”.

As a registered dietitian, she advised people to stay away from fried foods, monitor portion sizes, and control calorie intake. At the same time, she believed there were some misleading data and advices in the diet guide.

Some of which are about walnuts not having more omega-3s than salmon; eating what you want, when you want, while watching the pounds disappear; and something about being never hungry. As a dietitian, Zied suggests eating in fast food even once a week or less even though Eat This, Not That has degraded the image of fast-food foods a lot.

Why Eat This, Not That Diet

Eat this, Not That is a little, handy book with so much helpful information at hand. Through this book, you can now be wiser in terms of choosing right foods that will eventually keep you slim and healthy. On the flip side, though there are a lot of food recommendations, restrictions, etc. it is still best that you develop some own sense of wit and advanced thinking.

Remember not all of the recommended foods by health concerns or even experts are considered healthy or would be part of a nutritious weight loss plan. The last decision on which food to take is still all up to you. If in case, you’ll have some apprehension or confusion in some point in time, remember that reading some other fine prints can really help, this will keep you aware and well-informed at all times.


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