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Jenny Craig Diet

Jenny Craig Diet

One of the oldest diet programs is the Jenny Craig. It was developed in 1983 particularly in Australia and just further evolved in the United States in 1985.

Ever since, it has been one of the programs that is distinct in terms of disciplines and at the same time support system. It has 24/7 telephone line, that allows you to get the information as well as the support you naturally need. Online support, discussion groups and support materials are also provided to ensure efficiency to all of its users.

The basics of the diet focus more on the relationship of food with the mind as well as with the body. Basically, there are three levels involved. In the first level, you will be taught how to eat the foods you crave for in just small, but frequent portions.

In the second level, you will be taught how to improve your energy levels through an activity that is simple and plain. Finally, in the third level, you will be taught how to achieve more balance into your life to eventually succeed in your weight loss ventures.

The Varieties

Many people are not aware that Jenny Craig is set into two programs. The first one is that particular program in various physical centers in places like U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. The other one is the at-home Jenny Direct program which is specially created for people who can’t make it to any center.

Levels of Membership

If you wish to start out losing weight with the aid of Jenny Craig, you can visit a Jenny Craig center or call Jenny Craig Direct. You can also check out Jenny Craig’s web site where in there are lots of special offers. You’ll also discover that there are several levels of membership:

  • The Jenny TuneUp – specially created for people who want to lose up to 15 pounds.
  • Jenny OnTrack – packed up with the basic weight loss component of the program, weekly consultations and about $200 plus food.
  • Jenny Rewards – perfect for serious dieters who want to stay slim for good. Among the three membership programs, this is the one with lots of different discounts and rebates, unlimited comeback privileges and about $325 plus food.

The Three Unique Elements

One thing unique about the Jenny Craig diet is its three elements. The first one is food, the next one is the body and the last one is the mind. With regards to the foods, well, it is vital that you eat sensible portions of foods, plan and prepare healthy menus, and avoid pitfalls when in restaurants or having some rare wastes.

About the second element, the body, well it would be helpful if you soundly make use of your body. In fact, according to Lisa Waltman, call center manager for Jenny Direct, “to lose weight and have lasting impact, the key indicator is being physically active”.

Finally, with the third element which is the mind, well according to Waltman, “being positive and surrounding yourself with support and affirmations really helps”. Therefore, just like your body, soundly make use also of your mind. Deal with good, supportive people and live in a healthy environment that will give you peace of mind.

Recommendations, Limitations and Restrictions

In general, the Jenny Craig diet is confining. In fact, it’s full of prepackaged meals by which you are obliged to eat. The meals are typically frozen, therefore you may at times find them a bit uninviting.

Through the meals are prepackaged, on the brighter side, they still meet the new 2005 federal guidelines and USDA food pyramid, by which there should be at least 50% to 60% carbohydrate, 20% to 25% protein, and eventually 20% to 25% fat.

Not to mention that the meals are taken with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and reduced-fat dairy products. Typically, the exact meals along with some other supplements aforementioned (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.) will be based on your weight, height, and surprisingly, as well as on your goals.

Insights of Some Experts

Of course there is no such thing that can please everybody. With the case of Jenny Craig diet, there are some experts who have negative feelings about the program, but there are also some who fairly believes in a way.

For Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, the Jenny Craig diet has done a good job in emphasizing the importance of portion control. She also has her two thumbs up for the high level of support that Jenny Craig offers. In fact, for Bonci, “I think support is always critical to the success of any weight loss program.”

However, she is not that in favor of teaching portion control through eating pre-packaged foods. For her, “the negative is once you go off of the packaged meals, it is difficult to translate those portions of food to real eating”.

Why Jenny Craig Diet

If you are looking for a diet program that can aid you up to lose some pounds in just a short period of time, then Jenny Craig is for you. With its principles, great support and approaches, you’d surely be fabulous inside and out, and maintain that for life.

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