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Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review

Customized Fat Loss Overview

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss ReviewCustomized Fat Loss is a weight loss program created by fitness model and nutritional expert: Kyle Leon along with other leaders in the field of nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.  The program focuses on providing you with your specific meal plan, based on your age and body type, which causes your metabolism to boost to incredible levels. Basically the program tells you exactly which foods to eat to get rapid fat loss and it also provides you with the exact exercises you should follow to burn even more fat and tone your body.

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Who is Customized Fat Loss For?

Honestly this program is not everyone. Can it work for everyone? Absolutely, but not everyone is going to want to implement the dietary changes, take time reading his information, or go to a gym to workout. The program is really for the person who is serious about losing weight and improving their body and who is willing to make changes.  If you truly want to lose weight and quickly then this program is for you. If you want to take your time and not make dietary changes then maybe you should look at another program.

How does it work?

As a Certified Weight Loss specialist, I completely understand what the main focus is of Kyle Leon’s program and I agree with most of it. The problem that most overweight people have is usually their diet and I mean about 99% of the time. Yes there are other factors but the majority is from what you eat. However, it’s not really your fault because most people simply don’t know what to eat and it’s very difficult to know what is truly healthy with all the “claimed” diet and health food on the market.  The second problem is that most people don’t realize that everyone bodies have different nutrition requirements and responds differently to different foods. Think about it. When you were younger you used to be able to eat almost anything and not gain a once. Then as you get older it seems like one French fry and it goes straight to your butt.

In the Customized Fat loss program Kyle Leon solves this problem by making it extremely easy for you to know what is healthy and what specific what food will work best with your body to produce the best results. He does this by giving you nutrition advice based on your Body Type and Age. In turn this helps you to increase or re-start your metabolism to start to work for you and not against you.

He also provides you with a focused fat loss exercise plan that gives you specific exercises you can do to increase your fat loss. Keep in mind that Kyle Leon is a FITNESS MODEL so he knows what he is talking about. Fitness models have some of the best nutrition and exercise programs in the world cause their jobs depend on them looking amazing all the time.

What Included in the Customized Fat Loss Program?

The bulk of the program is your re-education on nutrition and specific nutrition plan to boost your metabolism. But it’s actually a pretty complete weight loss program. Here is what’s included:

  • Customized Nutrition Plan – (based on body type / Age)
  • Customized Fat Loss Training – (12 week exercise plan)
  • Fat Loss Supplementation – (Guide to what works and what doesn’t)
  • Peak in a Week Plan – (1 week Emergency look good plan.. awesome)
  • Unlimited Program Upgrades
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Much Does Customized Fat Loss Cost?

Whenever I review a program I try to take in account the overall value of a program based on what is offered and the actual price. When comparing what Kyle has included in his program the cost is extremely good. At only $47 this is a really good price. I know this for a fact because although his program is not truly customized it does offer a pretty customized solution. Which, customized nutrition plans can easily range from $200 –  $500 for a normal nutritionist. But a professional with a reputation like Kyle Leon can easily charge in the thousands of dollars. Add in the exercise plan and additional ebooks and it sealed the deal for me. Awesome Value.

The Good and The Bad


  • A nutrition plan by a top fitness model and expert
  • You don’t have to count calories just follow the guidelines
  • A fast easy exercise plan
  • Excellent Information
  • Free and Unlimited updates
  • Money back guarantee
  • Kyle is just an awesome guy too


  • Not truly customized (but I can’t complain cause of the low price)
  • Not the healthiest diet
  • Lots of hyped marketing and sales*
  • Annoying internet marketers placing false reviews
  • Exercises may not be for everyone
  • Up selling*

*Marketing and Upselling note – Probably one of the worst things about Customized Fat Loss is all the marketing that is around Kyle’s program. Online there are just tons of people trying to sell his program and it can be really annoying. You can’t blame Kyle for this because his program is really good and lots of people are trying to sell it. The second thing is that they offer a lot of upsells after you get the program. Some are really good but they are not required. Don’t feel obligated to buy but you can if you want.

 The Verdict

 Overall the Customized Fat Loss factor is a complete winner. It is just a really good program put together by some who really knows how to get fast fat loss results. I mean come on his is a Fitness Model and a nutritionist he knows what he is talking about. It may not be for everyone but if you’re willing to make changes then you will lose weight. Great program Kyle Leon.

Kyle Leons Customized Fat Loss Program

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