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LA Weight Loss Diet

LA Weight Loss Diet

Love the sexy body of Hollywood stars or otherwise the inviting commercials of fast and easy weight loss programs? Then, more o less, the LA Weight Loss diet is for you.

Well, the LA Weight Loss diet is perfect for dieters who are attracted to the glamour of Hollywood and the wonders of fast and easy weight loss programs. It has diet centers offering personalized plans and counseling, therefore, if an efficient diet program is your thing, then LA Weight Loss may work for you.

At present, the LA Weight Loss diet is just one of the few diet programs that fortunately do not promote calorie counting. Its approach is more on portion control and lifelong weight management to eventually secure long-term weight loss effects.

However, though the LA Weight Loss diet does not require calorie counting, you still have to be very watchful of your food and nutritional intake. To some extent, you will be asked to fill out detailed questionnaires evaluating your eating habits and emotional attachment with regards to foods.

You will also be encouraged to have food diaries and visit centers for weigh-ins to make sure you are doing fine and on-track. Aside from the food diaries, you will also be advised to have supplements, regular snacks, meal replacements, and bars which are exclusively available at the diet centers.

So far, LA Weight Loss is not considered a viable choice because it may become very costly. But its price will depend on your food selection, supplements, and the setup/registration fee which varies depending on the center you’ll be into.

Brief History

Many people didn’t know where did LA Weight Loss diet exactly came from. Well, it’s founded in 1989, and has distinct names in some places because of splitting and all due to some investigations and lawsuits for false claims as well as advertising of fees.

At present, the diet program is widely known as LA Weight Loss Centers all across the globe.
Recommendations, Limitations and Restrictions

LA Weight Loss diet is more on supermarket foods as well as supplements, snacks, bars, and juices. Some other foods that are proven healthy are allowed, however, just in small portion.

Specifically, Sodium should only be restricted to 2,100 milligrams every day. Sugar and sweet treats on the other hand are excluded during the initial and midway phases, but when you reach the maintenance phase, you can eventually enjoy them at all costs. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages are allowed but the latter one is limited. In terms of carbohydrates, it should only be at least 50%-55%, protein at 25%-30% and fat at 20%-25%.

Generally speaking, there is no food that is strictly prohibited. However, most foods should be taken based on your designated calorie level and specific portions.

LA Weight Loss Diet Works

The LA Weight Loss diet works mainly because of its menu plans that range from as low as 1,200 calories up to as high as 2,400 calories. There are also three phases involved. The first phase deals with the weight loss and the need for a counselor to evaluate dieter’s progress.

Consequently, the next phase has something to do with the stabilization period. This phase runs for six weeks and eventually works more on the advancement of weight loss goals. Finally, the third and the last phase deals with maintenance by which is very vital in any weight loss program.

Insights of Some Experts

The LA Weight Loss diet is actually a diet program which is so rich in good disciplines and approaches. It is founded on the idea that it is best to eat calorie- and portion-controlled diets with more fruits, vegetables, lean protein, as well as less fat, sugar, and salt to eventually lose pounds. As a result, it is never startling to know why LA Weight Loss diet is one of the trusted diet programs by most experts.

Indeed, for nutrition and culinary consultant in Washington, D.C., Edee Hogan, “you don’t need to succumb to the hard sell, commission-driven sales of LA Weight Loss Centers brand products for effective and long-lasting weight loss”.

However, if there are some experts like Hogan who in a way believe on the potential of LA Weight Loss diet, well, there are also some who have negative feelings about the program.

Like for an instance, Milton Stokes, an American Dietetic Association spokesman. According to Stokes, the counselors of the LA Weight Loss may not have a strong background in nutrition, therefore dieters should be very careful. For him, “to be sure the information is accurate, check with a registered dietitian who is credentialed”.

Why LA Weight Loss Diet

The LA Weight Loss diet is just one of the few diet programs that have secured counselors for proper guidance. By having counselors, dieters can now be well-guided and safely lose some excess pounds.

Thus, if you are looking for a diet program that can provide you with all of your needs as long as dieting is concern, then perhaps it is best if you’ll try LA Weight Loss diet.

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