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The Fat Loss Factor Program Review

The Fat Loss Factor Program Review

The Fat Loss Factor Program Overview

Fat Loss Factor - Weight Loss ProgramFat Loss Factor is a hands done one of the best weight loss programs to flood the internet scene. Created by Dr. Charles Livingston, who is a Certified Chiropractor and Wellness Specialist, Fat Loss Factor was orginally designed for his in office clients. Then after its insane success he decided to offer it at a much more economical price.  The main focus of Dr. Livingston’s program is correct your metabolism before starting any changes. The program does this by focusing the first 2 week on detoxing your body then introducing you to a new set of foods that help you increase your metabolism and correct your body chemistry. The Fat Loss Factor then goes on to further your “Fat Loss” by giving you a exercise routine that is focused on exercises that burn the most calories. Overall the program is extremely well put together, it includes everything you need to get started, get healthy and lose weight.

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Who is Fat Loss Factor For?

Well, it could be for anyone who wants to lose weight. However, Fat Loss Factor is not your average weight loss program. The first two week of the fat loss factor program are intense if you have never done a detox before. Most people complaints regarding the program had to do with this aspect. The second aspect that a lot of people found “unappealing” was the fact that Dr. Livingston doesn’t beat around the bush. He comes right out and tells you that it is your responsibility to follow the program and get results. Which I think is just common sense, but not everyone wants to know that they are the one who is responsible for themselves. So if you can handle the responsibility and you really want to lose weight and especially fast. This program is for you.

How does Fat Loss Factor work?

Fat Loss Factor Works because its based on science and nutritional mastery. He is not the first person to push the detox at the start of a program but he does make the overall process very easy. This is one of the parts of the program that I liked the most. I recommend to my clients all the time to do a detox and it’s probably the most important step if you want to lose weight quickly. My wife and I did the exact same thing when we did a 12 week program last year and it made the world of difference. The main reason is the your body gets so full of “Junk” that it functions at just a small percent of what it could. Once you fix the program with your digestive system suddenly your metabolism starts to function like your a kid again.

The other part of Dr. Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor Program is made up of information guides, worksheets, and his exercise routines. Here he doesn’t beat around the bush either because he go straight for the most effective weight loss exercises possible. Which mostly consists of “fat burning cardio” in the form of High Intensity Interval Training, Resistance Cardio, and some more goodies. I was actually quite impressed that it had a decent exercise information.

What Included in the Fat Loss Factor Program?

The bulk of the program is your re-education on nutrition and specific nutrition plan to boost your metabolism. But it’s actually a pretty complete weight loss program. Here is what’s included:

  • The Fat Loss Factor Latest Ebook
  • The Fat Loss Factor Quick Start Guide
  • 90 Days of Meal Plans
  • 10 Minute Raw Food Recipes
  • Master Cleanse Videos
  • FooJoo Software (a Healthy Restaurant finding software)
  • Beginner to Advanced Workouts
  • 15 Samples Workouts
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Grocery List
  • Measurement Form
  • Recipes Ebook
  • 12 Months of Email Coaching

How Much Does Customized Fat Loss Cost?

Fat Loss Factor Costs $47 which is seriously cheap compared to the $800 you would pay if you went to his office. The value of the program is really good. He really does put everything you need in the package and it’s all high quality information. However, after contacting Dr. Livingston for this review I was able to get a special Fat Loss Factor Disount for my readers. Which is $10 off the normal price so only $37. Check below for the link.

The Good and The Bad


  • Created by a Nutritional Expert and Proven Effective
  • Based on Science
  • Improves internal health
  • Accurate and Educational
  • Easy to follow
  • Has everything you need
  • Lots of Recipes with tasty food
  • You get support by 12 Months of Email Support
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Extremely Affordable



  • The Detox may be to intense for some
  • Would like to see more variety in the exercise routines
  • May be to much reading for some
  • His sales videos are really long
  • You cant find any honest reviews cause of all the internet marketing (Expect this one cause we got your backs)

 The Verdict

Overall I honestly have to say The Fat Loss Factor Program is extremely good. If you want to lose weight quickly and you are willing to do the “proper” steps of going through a detox and cleansing your body then its going to work for you. It have everything you need to lose weight and in general he makes it pretty easy to do so. The workouts could use a bit more but unless your at the advanced stage then you should be fine. So I give it a big 2 thumbs up.

Fat Loss Factor Discount

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