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What are the best foods to eat on a diet

Best Foods to Eat on a Diet

Have you have ever wondered what are the best foods to eat on a diet? This can be one of the hardest part about starting a diet or trying to eat healthier. There are so many different responses to this question and finding what are the actual best foods to eat on a diet can be very hard.

You have probably heard on tv or read in magazines about this super food or that super food. Or came across a list saying you need to eat foods that seem to be only found in the deepest darkest parts of the jungle. But are the best foods to eat on a diet really that hard to find? Do they really need to come from distance parts of the earth and cost so much? Or is it really true what the commercials and schools have told us all our lives that we need to eat the basics of dairy, eggs, and meat?

So what are the Best Foods to Eat on a Diet?

Well congratulations because you have finally found a article that is going to tell you the truth. If you want to know what the best foods to eat on a diet is then get ready. I am not going to hold back whether you like it or not.

The Best Foods to Eat on a Diet period.

Plant Based Food

plant-based-dietThis is probably the most important thing you need to know about what are the best foods to eat on a diet. If you want to cut the pounds then you need to cut the fake crap out of  your diet. Try to eat as natural and as much plants at possible. No that does not mean eat like a rabbit and only eat lettuce. It means eat food that come from plants. There are thousands of options and I am not going to list them all. It is easier just to say eat as little fake food as possible and try to eat less or no animal products.

Eat the Real Basics

I know you have been told you whole life by the large food industries that the basics are dairy, eggs, and meat. But here is a wake up call. Those are the unhealthiest and most fat producing foods you eat. Dairy is one of the worst foods consumed in the American diet and scientific research has proved this over and over. Stop believing the ads on tv. Dairy is bad for you. It causes cancer, obesity, and disease. Eggs cause high cholesterol and meat is full of animal fats and all kinds of bad stuff today. If you want to lose weight do away with some of those and you will start to see massive results.

The real basics are Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains.They do not need to be exotic or hard to find. Obviously the more organic the better but don’t go crazy. Just start eating more of that in your diet. When you do not know what to eat always go back to the basics.

List of the Best Foods to Eat on a Diet Period

I have prepared a small list below to help you get started.

  • Oats – Oats are a staple of every fitness models, weight loss guru, or nutrition diet because they are healthy and easy to prepare
  • Potatoes – That is a real basic but you do not need to eat it basic. Tons of awesome recipes to make them taste great.
  • Brown or wild rice – Extremely healthy and easy to make. Also easy to change the taste and add to any recipe.
  • Leafy greens – Spinach is my personal favorite. Packed with nutrients.
  • All Fruits and Vegetables – Common sense but why are you not eating them every day?
  • Nuts and Seeds – High is protein and good fats these little wonders actually help you lose fat. 

*Note on Protein – No you do not need to eat protein from animal sources. A high protein diet is not healthy and in truth your body requires only a little amount of protein. You will get all the protein your body needs just by eating plants. Lots are higher in protein by percent then meats.

That is it the best foods to eat on a diet

To get more you should start to learn what fruits, vegetables, and grains are available to you where you live. I know it takes time to re-learn how to eat healthy but you need to make the effort. However, by far the easiest way to find out complete lists and meal options for the best foods to eat on a diet is to buy a weight loss program or diet program. The best weight loss programs come packed with lists of the best foods to eat on a diet and they make it really easy to get started. Well worth the few bucks you pay for them because they save you so much time.

See either the Fat Loss Factor Program or The Healthy Way Diet for a program that contains the best foods to eat on a diet.


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